Barcode Label Software for Publishers and Library

Barcode labeling Software create and print barcode labels to maintain book details in libraries and book publishing company. Barcodes generator program provide facility to design library barcode labels by implementing linear and 2D barcode font styles to label magazines, books audio video CD DVD and other products.

Barcode labeler tool provides different book barcode designing objects to design user desired barcode labels in all major Linear and 2D barcode fonts standard. Bar code system is designed with the tracking ability that allows user to scan entire book information and helps in maintenance of books in publishing industry and library system.

Price: $49

Specialist Data Set Series feature -

Inbuilt data set series feature will help user to design large numbers of book barcode labels with different barcode and text value at the same time.

  • Software Features

    Economical barcode software creates personalized books barcode labels of different barcodes fonts, sizes and shapes for publishing-library and independent book publishers.

    Barcode generator program provides printing settings to print created book barcode labels.

    Software barcode provides random, sequential and constant value series generating techniques to design bulk book barcode images simultaneously.

    Barcode maker utility allows user to set bar height and density of book barcode labels by the help of margin details like barcode value, barcode header and barcode footer.

    Linear and 2d barcodes designer software easily saves created barcode images in different files formats like JPEG, GIF, Bitmap, TIFF and EXIF etc.

    With bar code systems user can create book labels, tags and labels.

    Designed book barcode labels can be added in different Windows applications like MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Paint.

  • Linear Barcode Symbologies -

    Coda bar, Code 11, EAN 13, EAN 8, Industrial 2 of 5, ISBN 13, Telepen, UPCA, UPCE.

  • 2D Barcode Symbologies -

    Databar, Databar Limited, PDF417.

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